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Configuration File

If you´re getting tired of providing all those parameters to the CLI, you can also specify them in a configuration yaml file and pass it´s path to the CLI instead.

By default, OTVision refers to the user_config.otvision.yaml in the root directory.

You can either

  • modify this file (then you don´t have to specify it´s path in the CLI) or
  • build your own file and save it somewhere else (then you have to specify it´s path in the CLI).

You can specify parameters for the sub-tasks that are provided by OTVision (convert, detect, track) in separate configuration files or in a single file. The scripts for the respective sub-tasks only read the parameters they need.


Any parameter passed to the CLI will overwrite the respective parameter from the config file.

In case of any problems, we suggest looking at first when you customize your configuration files.