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All code of OpenTrafficCam is hosted on GitHub. For each core module a separate repository exists:

Following the Feature Branch Workflow each repository has a master branch, which at all times should contain a stable version of the software. All coding should be committed to separate feature branches. Once you completed coding on a feature, issue or bugfix, you create a pull request for the respective feature branch (preferably labeled using the GitHub labeling system). Your contributed code will then be reviewed by the main developers, discussed (if necessary) and merged into the master branch.

Even without coding you can contribute to the project: If you encounter any bug or got any idea for enhancement, feel free to open an issue in the corresponding repository. Every issue should at least have two labels assigned: One label indicating the maturaty of the issue (question, bug, feature or idea) and one assigning the repository-specific subpackage or section (black colored labels).

All pull request will be checked by GitHub's super-linter.

Last update: March 26, 2021