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Install Python 3.9

If not done yet, install the 64-bit version Python 3.9.x via Windows installer from as follows:

What if I already have another Python version installed?

In addition, also install Python 3.9. The last installed Python will automatically be the default Python interpreter of your system.

On Windows, it is also possible to change the default Python interpreter by changing the order of the system-wide environment variables (move Python39 and Python39\Scripts to the top, see animation below).

This is necessary e.g. if you have already installed Python 3.9, but another Python version is your default because you installed it in the meantime (e.g. 3.10).

Change default Python

Download Python

Install Python 1

Install Python 2

Install Python 3

Install OTAnalytics

  1. Download and unzip the latest version of OTAnalytics from GitHub.

  2. In the unzipped folder double click the "install.bat" and wait until the installation of the dependencies is complete.

To run OTAnalytics

... double click the "OTAnalytics.bat" to start the graphical user interface.

If you encounter problems

... please open an issue in the OTAnalytics repository on GitHub.

We also welcome code contributions (e.g. fixing bugs or adding features) from others by forking the repository and creating a pull request. Please check the contribute section of this documentation first.

Early prototype

The currently available version of OTAnalytics described in this documentation is in early prototype stage. This version works and offers an impression of the functionality.  

It is partially tested on Windows 10.

We are currently working on a complete re-implementation for a stable release. It will also be tested on Mac and Linux.

Stay tuned :)