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Define Sections

OTAnalytics provides functions to define sections for analyzing traffic flows at specific locations in your video. Sections work as sensors which can detect road user´s crossing events and their associated time.

Create and Delete Sections

To create a section, click the "New" button, then click and drag your mouse over the canvas. Press enter to define a section name and finish the creation.

Created sections will appear in the middle left listbox. The selected section will be highlighted on canvas and can be deleted or renamed.

You can also save and load a section configuration. They are saved as file type .otflow in JSON format.


Early prototype

The currently available version of OTAnalytics described in this documentation is in early prototype stage. This version works and offers an impression of the functionality.  

It is partially tested on Windows 10.

We are currently working on a complete re-implementation for a stable release. It will also be tested on Mac and Linux.

Stay tuned :)